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The best way I can describe Teamworks is: "The Ultimate Organizational Tool." If you are trying to organize over 100 athletes, and another 30 support staff, Teamworks is the one-stop shop for organizing everything.

Tommy Cook, Purdue University

With Teamworks, our staff can spend more time working with the players and less time shuffling paper and spreadsheets around.

Adam Clark, University of Minnesota

We have a lot of people that wear a lot of hats, and we have to, as a staff, be as efficient as possible. We are always trying to find creative ways to maximize our work and make our jobs simpler or easier, and Teamworks has allowed us to accomplish this.

Dan Van De Riet, Oregon State University

The biggest thing in our business is time. What can I do to save time? Teamworks is a system that has saved me a tremendous amount of time in taking care of my daily needs.

Brian Wilkinson, Boise State University

This streamlines our program. Everyone is in the know, and we are all on the same page on a daily basis.

Jason Grooms, Vanderbilt University

The net effect is that our operation is more efficient. Everyone is on the same page, and it has eliminated "I didn't know" as an excuse for athletes and staff.

Adam Cain, University of Texas at San Antonio

It has been huge not just for our players, but for keeping our staff organized and on the same page as well. We use it to organize staff meetings, share information, and communicate any changes quickly.

Mike Parrish, University of Arizona

The time and energy you save by not running around looking for someone's number, trying to find someone's email, or trying to figure out someone's schedule changes everything. It's so nice to log in and what you need is right there.


Make the right decisions.

logo, University of Nebraska

Teamworks eliminates at least an hour of work a day for me. You can't put a price tag on that.

Jeff Jamrog, University of Nebraska

This system increases accountability in everyone involved in the program, from the student athletes to the coaches and support staff. We now have a way of distributing information and knowing for a fact if it was received.

Arthur Johnson, University of Texas
logo, University of Cincinnati

For anyone in operations, this should be your best friend.

John Widecan, University of Cincinnati
logo, Old Dominion University

In the past if I needed a reminder to go out on a Saturday morning, I'd have to actually wake up and send a text message. Now I just make sure I schedule it while I'm in on Friday.

Chris Crouch, Old Dominion University

I've gone in and created groups for travel squads so anytime I need to let them know about a change in the itinerary or any other change, I can send it out immediately. For us, it's really been all about keeping everyone together and eliminating issues that come from scheduling changes and the curveballs that get thrown our way.

Matt Howdeshell, Northern Arizona University
logo, Purdue University

Teamworks has done an amazing job of figuring out team operations. I really don't know how you would do everything without it. It eliminates hours of frustration and headaches and allows you to streamline all communications and operations in a very efficient manner.

Tommy Cook, Purdue University
logo, Universtiy of Arizona

Our Athletic Trainers have been using Teamworks to schedule medical appointments. They are able to find the right time for the appointment, schedule it, notify the player, and then Teamworks will automatically remind the players of the appointment so we know they're on the way.

Mike Parrish, Universtiy of Arizona
logo, Stanford University

We can quickly view and analyze player class schedules in the Teamworks Calendar. In the past, this has been a huge process. Trying to figure out who has class at 4pm, who's free at 5pm, etc., would take us forever without Teamworks. Now, we can quickly punch in the time that we want to meet and know instantly who is available and who is not.


Reach your entire organization in an instant.

In the old days, I was always printing everything out, and I'd have to get position coaches to send everything out to their players. Teamworks has given me more time and it gives me ease to know that I've gotten information out to everyone on time.

John Miller, Ole Miss

We've eliminated the "Coach, I didn't get your message" excuse. We get a report after each message is sent telling us whether they saw the message or not.

Clifford Snow, University of Texas
logo, University of Miami

I send messages all the time. Being able to set up multiple messages for different times and being able to take a couple minutes in the morning and have all my messages for that day or for the next day set just creates more value and saves my time.

Ryan McNamee, University of Miami
logo, Northwestern University

I think the biggest advantage is that it allows me to communicate not just with the players, but with everyone that works with our team (Academic Advisors, Coaches, Strength Coaches, everyone).

Cody Cejda, Northwestern University
logo, Stanford University

In our business there is a tremendous need to be able to communicate with a lot of people in a very short period of time and to make changes at a moment's notice, and Teamworks allows us to do that very quickly and reliably.

Matt Doyle, Stanford University
logo, Texas Christian University

Being able to schedule a message in advance is huge, and, after a message goes out, I get instant feedback now so I know if someone's number isn't working or if they aren't getting my messages.

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